How does my custom eStore work?

Your eStore will be personalized with your logo and contact information. There are also a number of colour options that may be selected to keep the look of your eStore as close to your existing website as possible. Our team will work with you during setup to keep the look compatible with your existing website within our setup parameters.
The eStore functions primarily as an e-commerce website, but does include basic content such as your business logo and contact information. The site footer includes information regarding shipping and delivery as well as warranties and returns. So you could use it as your only website understanding it will reside on an SSL secure sub-domain (shop.bbqstore.com). For an additional fee, more pages can be added such as About Us and Services offered.
Your eStore is pre-loaded with products you select from a given assortment representing the major brands eComFueled represents. The product assortment includes a wide range of trusted and quality products. The selection is designed to provide a meaningful assortment of the brand offerings enabling you to be highly competitive in your market. Once products are loaded, eComFueled will manage manufacturer driven updates to these products only. You are able to add products outside of the eComFueled assortment, if there are other vendors and products you would like sell. It is solely your responsibility to set site structure and import all necessary product information and images. It is also your responsibility to maintain non-eComFueled products. eComFueled is not responsible for requested changes to the pre-chosen product assortment pre-loaded into the eStore. Again, eComFueled will maintain all original product set-up in your eStore per manufacturer updates. We recommended professional level expertise when managing your products and encourage your best discretion when doing so.
In-store inventory orders are filled by your store. For inventory not carried by your store, orders must be placed with the appropriate brand or manufacturer and delivered to your store location. Subsequently, orders are then completed as determined by customer preference for assembly, delivery or pick-up.
Anyone browsing the internet can order from your eStore as long as they fall within your shipping and delivery requirements and have a valid credit card.
All online purchases through your eStore are processed in a totally secure environment. eComFueled ensures all merchant accounts strictly adhere to and meet all PCI compliance requirements. All customer information is SSL encrypted and credit card information never stored on your website.
If you have an issue with your software, an email request outlining the problem can be sent to support@ecomfueled.com . If your customers have any questions or concerns with their purchase, they can call your store directly or send an email from the contact information noted on your website footer.
eComFueled & partners are a Google Premier Partner (top 1%), and this activity will be on eComFueled & partners dedicated platform(s), not in your Google Ads account. You will have direct access into our integrated reporting platform to monitor performance as you require and not directly into any Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Trade Desk or any other specific supplier accounts. You will receive a discounted management fee compared to industry standards because eComFueled and partners have other incentives, discounts and built in platform fees with major ad publishers, the details of which cannot be disclosed due to NDA's currently in effect. Ad budget that goes unspent in any given month is automatically rolled forward into the next month’s budget.

Shipping and Returns

Products that you have current in-store inventory are subject to your ability to process orders and meet assembly, pick-up or shipping requirements. Products that are not in your inventory require you to place orders with the applicable manufacturer(s). Delivery to your store is subject to manufacturer’s inventory and shipping process.
The Return Policy is determined by each store individually. It is your responsibility to provide Return Policy information during the eStore set-up process. eComFueled will create the Return Policy page and populate the content.
Returns/refunds are processed in you admin dashboard. Refunds can be processed here automatically through your merchant account and no further action is required. Refunds can also be processed here manually but with the actual refund amount needing processing through your payment gateway provider. Refunding manually within your dashboard only removes the refund amount from reporting.

How do I Get Started?

When you sign up for the program, we will ask you to provide information related to your business, including a request for a logo. eComFueled uses this information during the setup process along with the implementation of all functionality of your eStore providing a turnkey solution. A setup fee of $500 USD is part of your first payment. An account manager will ensure you are satisfied with your eStore prior to launch. If you need design help for further customization, eComFueled offers this for an additional fee.
Part of the subscription sign-up process requires some of your business information be sent to eComFueled. This information enables us to setup part of your eStore. Other areas require more detailed information specific to your business such as Warranty & Returns and Shipping & Delivery. We will also require your merchant account information to enable payment processing. The entire eStore build-out can be completed in approximately 2 weeks.
eComFueled will conduct an initial online training session for you and your team. This session covers the basics of logging in and processing orders. Help files and tutorial videos are available for your reference 24/7 as well.
If you feel eComFueled is not improving your business revenue, you may cancel at any time within your account dashboard. Cancellations are immediate. There is no contract to sign up. You can also upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time within your account dashboard.

How Will I Get Paid?

Like your existing store, your merchant account provider will deposit the order amount less fees directly into your bank account. Transactions are pending until the order is completed at which time the deposit is made into your account. A completed order means it has been shipped or picked-up.
Your back-end administrative dashboard will show each completed order detail including merchant fee and the amount deposited into your bank account.
Earnings will depend on established product costs associated with each manufacturer and dealer. Sell prices are pre-established by manufacturer and published accordingly. Earnings is the difference between cost and sell price.
You will need a merchant account for your eStore. The merchant account setup is part of the eStore setup process with options to select a number of providers. Not all merchant account providers can be setup within the program. Easy solution alternatives will be provided.
Yes, it is your responsibility for all sales tax collection, reporting and payment submissions to the appropriate government tax agency.

What does the eComFueled program cost?

eComFueled offers unparalleled value to launch and operate an ecommerce store. Sign-up is automated online and only takes minutes to enroll. The program setup fee is $1000 USD including eStore customization and initial training support. The entire process takes about 2 weeks to complete. Your website developer can then easily add a TAB and/or BUTTON on your existing website and link it to your new eStore. Your eStore resides on a SSL secure sub-domain to your existing domain (shop.existingdomain.com).

On a monthly basis, you will be charged a $250 USD fee which covers secure hosting and use, platform maintenance and upgrades, product updates, email collection and advanced eCommerce analytics reporting. Additional and highly recommended digital marketing bundles are offered to drive eStore traffic and conversion. Plans start at $795 USD including the Standard program fee and co-op advertising reporting. Please refer to Pricing for details.