Co-op Advertising Reporting

Increasing Media Spend Through Proof Of Advertising

Co-op Advertising

For a local BBQ retailer, co-op advertising can be a very powerful tool. Most small businesses lack the resources and expertise to craft marketing campaigns, let alone deliver on creative strategies and executing that effort. This is where a co-operative advertising arrangement between manufacturer and BBQ reseller becomes mutually beneficial.

Typically, manufacturers will give their BBQ resellers some portion of money to market their products. The manufacturer may also provide quality campaigns for dealer use or allow for the BBQ retailer access to co-op advertising dollars and run their own. eComFueled can execute the media portion that a manufacturer’s campaign requires or is able to help you create and deliver your own unique, custom branded campaign.

Of course, all manufacturers have certain rules that resellers must follow in order to be in compliance and receive their co-op advertising funds. These programs almost always require proof of performance in order to get co-op marketing dollars. Rules around proof of delivery is the primary reason why billions of co-op marketing funds go unused every year. Not only can eComFueled create and deliver manufacturer approved digital marketing campaigns, but also provide advanced reporting by manufacturer with detailed proof of performance. With eComFueled reporting, submitting your claims has never been easier.

The Many Benefits To A Co-Op Advertising Arrangement:

  • Manufacturers or eComFueled can craft the message and design
  • Resellers benefit using marketing assets that are partially or wholly funded
  • Manufacturers can control their message universally through the reseller network
  • Resellers increase their brand legitimacy by aligning themselves with big name, quality brands
  • Manufacturers benefit from the reseller’s local knowledge of their market
  • Resellers can access marketing funds to run their own targeted campaigns

eComFueled understands your industry. Let us help you to utilize all the co-op marketing dollars available to you to create an impactful, on-brand digital campaign that will cost-effectively please your suppliers, your customers and your own bottom line.

Call us to talk about how to maximize claims for co-op advertising funds and increase your online presence. And profitability.